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    High-end and Finely Crafted Swiss Watches at Just In Time


    ‘Swiss made’ is the tag of trustworthiness and the exemplar of high quality and luxurious moniker, mostly given to Swiss watches. No wonder Swiss watches are the best luxu...


    High-end and Finely Crafted Swiss Watches at Just In Time


    ‘Swiss made’ is the tag of trustworthiness and the exemplar of high quality and luxurious moniker, mostly given to Swiss watches. No wonder Swiss watches are the best luxury watches ruling the horology world globally. Boasting excellent craftsmanship and precision, Swiss watches are known for their top-notch quality and durability that can last for generations, making them exclusive, timeless timepieces. Backed by the rich heritage of watchmaking, Switzerland firmly stands as the heart of the watchmaking industry, despite the advancements in Japanese and German watches. 

    Swiss watches are at the top of the luxury timepieces and have high demand worldwide. If you are looking for the best Swiss watches, you are in the right place! Explore the stellar and comprehensive collection of authentic Swiss-made watches from the top luxury and international watch brands on Just In Time, the leading and authorized global watch brands retailer in India. At Just In Time, you can find stellar and exclusive timepieces collections from 40-plus luxury and international watch brands, including Armani Exchange, Versace, Timex, and more. Ranging from various sophisticated designs and styles, these elegant and high-end Swiss watches will be a luxurious addition to your exceptional watch collection. 

    However, unlike the name suggests, Swiss-made watches need not necessarily be 100% manufactured in Switzerland. Since Swiss is the home to almost half of the finest luxury watch companies, the “Swiss-made” label is legally protected and regulated by the Switzerland government and international treaties. So, what makes a watch a legitimately Swiss-made timepiece? Read on to learn more about this luxurious seal of approval by the Swiss government.  

    A watch to be genuinely called ‘Swiss-made’ should satisfy three conditions such as:  

    • The movement of the timepiece should be encased in Switzerland 

    • The movement of the wristwatch must be 'Swiss movement' 

    • The final inspection of a watch must be conducted by the manufacturer in Switzerland 

    • At least 50% of the value of the movement’s components must be manufactured in a Swiss country  

    Swiss-made marking holds the high prestige and heritage of the Swiss watchmaking industry. If you identify the Swiss-made or Swiss labels, it’s mostly the green sign to believe the watch is genuine and is originally a luxury timepiece. Hurry and explore the best collections of Swiss watches for women and Swiss watches for men only on the Just In Time platform to grab them at great deals and reasonable prices.  

    Swiss Watches: A Quick Look 

    Blending style, elegance, functionality, and precision into every timepiece, Swiss watches are highly-revered and are a treasured addition to your premium watch collection. With the most incredible precision of Swiss watchmakers, the Swiss-made watches carry their reputation globally in the horology world, making these the quality and most luxurious timepieces ever!  

    Being manufactured in a wide variety of designs, types, themes, collections, colors, movements, contemporary straps, and more, Swiss watches are the epitome of high-end, timeless timepieces, combining detailed Swiss craftsmanship and the finest watchmaking. The Swiss-made watches are the hallmark of luxury and trust, gaining every horology lover's attention across the globe. Not only does Just In Time stock 40 plus exclusive international brand watches, but it also provides knowledgeable and amazing staff, making your shopping experience the best. Head to the Just In Time online store and explore the best Swiss watches from top luxury brands such as Tissot, Roamer, Movado, Versace, GC,​ Longines, Rado, and more. Buy authentic Swiss-made watches equipped with the “Swiss made” label from the best Swiss watch brands harnessing the power of cutting-edge and innovative technologies and manufacturing only the original Swiss timepieces. You can also walk into our 50-plus physical Just In Time stores, having a pan-India presence, and are furnished with the largest timepiece collections and dedicated staff for purchasing elegant Swiss design watches 

    With the advancement in watchmaking technology, ‘Made in Japan’ watches are becoming popular to the level that can compete with Swiss-made watches, though the Swiss watches have a legion fan base and top preference in the luxury watchmaking market. Made-in-Japan watches are backed by the ‘Japan movement,’ which is practical, precise, and cost-effective.   

    Swiss Movement vs. Japanese Movement  

    The watch’s movement, also known as the caliber, can be considered the heart of the watch, which makes the watch function, tick, and accurately show the time, calendar, chronograph, and more. While the Swiss and Japanese movements are similar in many aspects, they are also huge, notable differences.  

     Swiss movements are automatic movements and are a high standard for both quality and precision. Swiss watchmakers always strive for aesthetics and intricate details in handcrafting a watch. What sets these two movements apart is how a watch is crafted and the essential features of the watch. While professional Swiss watchmakers handcraft Swiss watches, Japanese watches are robotic-made mechanical pieces, highlighting the raw look of the watch. Japanese movements are crafted more with accuracy and precision in mind. 

    In simple words, the Japanese movement is famous for sturdiness, precision, practicality, and affordability, with never lowering functionality and performance. Swiss watches, however, are prominent for their intricacy, precision, quality, and artisanal features, still possessing the luxurious watchmaking crown. It all boils down to your preferences because both movements work great. 

    Suppose you are looking to get bang for your buck; lucky you! Just In Time offers premium Japanese movement timepieces and ‘Made in Japan’ watches from top international brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Casio,​ and more. Embrace the raw look of Japanese watches and grab them at affordable price points and outstanding deals only at Just In Time. 

    For the horology enthusiasts that are uncompromising and unapologetic in their every move, Swiss-made watches are the way to satiate your watch lover's cravings in every aspect.  

    Swiss Watch Brands  

    No Swiss-made watch list is complete without the top prestigious Swiss watches like Tissot, Roamer, Longines, rado, etc. It includes the exemplar of elite horology brands well known for their Swiss watchmaking. The below-mentioned Swiss watch brands are similar to the above-mentioned top brands. These luxury Swiss watch brands mastered fine watchmaking, detailed craftsmanship, intricate Swiss watch designs, quality, innovation, and precision in every Swiss-made timepiece manufactured.  



    Famously the logo seen on the NBA arenas and TV screens worldwide, Tissot, since 1853, is the attainable Swiss watch brand founded by the father-son duo. Tissot achieved various milestones in its Swiss watchmaking history, from the first pocket-watch with two time zones to the first tactile T-Touch digital watch in 1999, before the smartwatch introduction. Being from the massive family of the Swatch group, Tissot provides luxury Swiss mechanical watches at reasonable prices, including luxury sports watches with integrated bracelets. With the original Swiss-made label, Tissot offers special collections like Tissot Le-Locle, Tissot T-Lady, Tissot Bellissima, Tissot PRX, and more for both women and men.   



    Being the global favorite horologically since 1888, Roamer is a Swiss-based brand offering luxury Swiss-made watches that boast classy, elegant designs and high-quality watchmaking. Roamer has been synonymous with luxury yet affordable Swiss watches since then, only using the best quality materials and precise Swiss movements. The intricate details and refined craftsmanship make these timepieces unique and highly coveted. Explore famous Roamer collections like Roamer Dreamline, Roamer Deep Sea, Roamer Primeline, Roamer C-Line, and more in the category of affordable Swiss watches 



    Rado is a high-end luxury Swiss watch brand that is truly a gift of a lifetime. It is a well-known and popular brand in the global watch market that uses the unconventional beauty of ceramic to make its Swiss timepieces one-of-a-kind and unique. Rado is one of the perfect watch gifts this festive season! Being a pioneer since 1917, Rado is the first Swiss brand to explore the fresh invention of authentic diving watches for excellent underwater use. Rado is an exciting brand for horology lovers looking for the finest and luxury Swiss watches that touch the mark of INR 4 Lakh and beyond. Being always a step ahead, Rado offers unique watch collections like Captain Cook, True, True Secret, True Thinline, Centrix, HyperChrome, Florence, and more. 



    This Swiss watch company’s popularity among non-watch enthusiasts is no exaggeration. Acting as a gateway brand for many to create a customized Swiss watch collection is the highlight of Longines brand. Having an association with various sporting events, especially horse racing and horse-related sports, Longines was founded in 1832 and is known for its performance and endurance. Longines timepieces are the best luxury watches with vintage looks, modern reliability, utmost precision, and subtle designs. Besides the Tissot brand, Longines belongs to the Swatch Group family as an entry-level luxury brand. Explore the best Swiss watches from exclusive Longines collections such as La Grande Classique, The Master Collection, Hydroconquest, Conquest, Primaluna, Saint-Imier, and more.  



    Continuing its unwavering legacy since 1881, Movado has always been ahead of modern designs and sleek aesthetics. Known for its classic and minimalist design and iconic single dot at 12 o’clock representing the sun at high noon, Movado is well-known for both fashion and accessible luxury watches. Movado offers luxury Swiss watches for men and women watches that are only crafted with high-quality gold, crystals, and diamonds studded elegantly. Explore Movado classic collections such as 1881 Swiss Automatic, Bold, Ono, Bela, Museum Classic, and more. Go for Movado’s Museum Classic or Movado Bold collection for a minimal yet classic style.

    Calvin Klein


    Bringing versatile and distinct luxury timepieces, Calvin Klein is the most-reputed brand across the globe for its premium quality and genuine Swiss movement watches. Experiment with modern and contemporary Swiss watches designs from chic collections like Timeless mesh, Twisted Bezel, Confidence Bangles, Iconic, Minimal collection, Modern Mesh, and more.  

    There are numerous luxury Swiss watch brands, such as Swiss Eagle, Garmin, and more, offering high-end stainless steel and Swiss-made smartwatches to suit the tastes and preferences of a wide range of Swiss watch lovers.  

    Swiss Watch Price - Buy Swiss Watch Online from Just In Time

    There is no overstatement in stating that Swiss watches are the epitome of high watchmaking. The Swiss country being the finest watchmaking capital in the world, has its highest standards in watchmaking which are represented by the term ‘Haute Horlogerie,’ translating to ‘high watchmaking.’ From horology lovers to watch collectors, one can never be tired of appreciating the intricate details and high precision of Swiss watches and the detailed Swiss craftsmanship put into making these masterpieces. 

    The luxurious Swiss watch brands offer Swiss watches at various price points and price ranges. The Swiss-made watches price can start from as low as INR 20,000, which are entry-level watches by the brands like Tissot​​​​. With high demand worldwide, the Swiss watch price can skyrocket quickly. If you want to get the finest Swiss timepieces, we have them at Just In Time, for which prices can go up to INR 4,00,000 and beyond. While price is the main factor in purchasing prestigious Swiss watches, you should also consider type, brand, brand collection, size, form, functionality, movement, and more. Buy Swiss watches for women and Swiss watches for men online from the most significant watch collection only at the Just In Time watch store. 

    Trending Swiss Design Watches 

    From Swiss analog, digital, and smartwatch to the chronograph and fitness watches equipped with smooth and powerful Swiss movements, a pool of Swiss watch styles are there for you to choose from. 

    Swiss Watch Near You 

    Generations generally pass down Swiss watches as heirlooms since they can last centuries. Thanks to detailed Swiss craftsmanship, authentic Swiss timepieces are sought by many Swiss watch lovers who can take months to obtain. Now you can easily buy original Swiss watches online with the Swiss-made label from the best Swiss watch brands only at the Just In Time website. Just In Time is India’s leading 40-plus international watch brands retailer having a pan-India presence with 50 plus retail outlets and 50 plus service centers. With the amazing, knowledgeable staff and dedicated after-sales service, Just In Time is your one-stop Swiss watch store. Head to our Just In Time online store or walk into our nearest physical store to buy Swiss watches for men, Swiss watches for women, and unisex Swiss watches at reasonable and never seen before Swiss watch prices. 


    • What are Swiss watches?


    Swiss watches are luxury timepieces with the Swiss-made label. The Swiss-made label is protected by the Swiss government, indicating the authenticity of the Swiss watch. There are strict regulations for the watches to be called Swiss-made or Swiss watches. 

    • Which is the best Swiss watch to buy?

    Swiss watches are not required to be the best luxury watches globally, and no wonder Switzerland is the horological capital of the world. Stating one best Swiss watches will be an understatement. However, you can buy the finest and best Swiss watches from luxury Swiss watch brands such as​​​​ Movado, Rado, Tissot, Longines, and more. 

    • What is the price of Swiss watches?

    Swiss watches can be categorized as entry-level, mid-tier, and high-end timepieces based on price. Various Swiss watch brands offer their timepiece collections at different price points and price ranges to accommodate multiple Swiss watch lovers. The price range of Swiss watches hugely varies, with INR 20,000 being the price for entry-level timepieces, which can go up to a whopping INR 4,00,000 and beyond.  

    • What are Swiss watches famous for?

    Swiss watches are even passed as heirlooms to various generations as they can last centuries. Swiss watchmakers are known for handcrafting the complex mechanisms in these Swiss watches. Swiss watches are the epitome of high-precision, luxury quality, reliability, intricate details, durability, aesthetics, smoothest Swiss movements, and more. Swiss watches are timeless timepieces seen as the status symbol by horology aficionados. 

    • Who provides the best Swiss watches design?

    Obtaining an original Swiss-made watch can consume months or even years. You can easily buy authentic Swiss-made labeled Swiss watches at Just In Time, India’s renowned and leading 40-plus international watch brands retailer. Get your hands on affordable Swiss watches at this Swiss watch store showcasing the stellar collection of luxurious and finest Swiss timepieces. Buy Swiss men’s watches, Swiss watches for women, and more at our online store. Also, explore the best quartz watches, mechanical watches, digital LED watches, magnet-watches, futuristic smartwatches, and more at only Just In Time, having 50 plus retail outlets with 40 plus international watch brands and 12000 plus top watch collections.

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