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Movado Group introduced in 2017 HUGO watches; the younger, more accessible brand of HUGO BOSS combining Movado Group’s skills in watch-making with the HUGO fashion style to create unique pieces. HUGO is for trendsetters and style individualists. There is no right way only your way #HUGOYourWay. Since entering into an exclusive license agreement with the brand in 2005, Movado Group has been manufactu...

Movado Group introduced in 2017 HUGO watches; the younger, more accessible brand of HUGO BOSS combining Movado Group’s skills in watch-making with the HUGO fashion style to create unique pieces. HUGO is for trendsetters and style individualists. There is no right way only your way #HUGOYourWay. Since entering into an exclusive license agreement with the brand in 2005, Movado Group has been manufacturing and distributing BOSS watches. The perfect combination of Movado Group’s skills in watch-making and HUGO BOSS fashion style led to the creation of unique pieces for ladies and men, and the introduction ofthe jewelry business for the brand in 2020. This perfect union reaffirms every day the meaning of #BEYOUROWNBOSS.

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    Hugo Boss- The Ultimate Expression of Luxury and Quality  

    Hugo Boss watches combine elegance and functionality with modern styles and cool accents, making them the ideal go-to fashion accessory. The two brands- HUGO and BOSS- come with a striking appeal that unites by high standards of quality, innovation, sustainability, and fashion statements. Hugo Ferdinand Boss (1885-1948) established his workshop in 1924, expanding his company ever since, operating during the Third Reich and Second World War. Over the years following, men's fashion awareness amplified, demanding aesthetic and high-quality apparel in the 70s. HUGO BOSS invested increasingly in ways to popularize its brand on a global platform, using the motorsports events in the 1970s as a key. Hugo Boss watch stands by its mission "We love fashion, we change fashion." Boss watch price reflects its uniqueness and craftsmanship precision, elevating your status symbol.

    About Just In Time 

    Just In Time is one of India's largest chains of 50+ luxury watch stores pan India, with more than 40 top luxury international watch brands. Along with our wide range of watches, we also provide professional watch repair and upkeep services to keep your timepiece in great shape for years to come. Thank you for choosing us for all of your watch needs!  

    Latest Trend of Luxury & Stylish Hugo Boss Watches: 

    • Bringing Back the Retro Timepieces

    Retro watches that are time-honored vintage charms with timeless designs and quality craftsmanship are back in style. A mechanical masterpiece Hugo Boss watch Men's Elite Stainless Steel Quartz Watch, and Black 1513893 showcases a simple dial with a black leather belt, ideally elevating your outfit. 

    • Wear Minimalist and Stay Classy

    Minimalistic watches with uncluttered designs characterized by their clean, streamlined look and lack of extraneous features or decorations that can never go out of style. They are designed to be practical and easy to read, focusing on function over form. Minimalistic watches are popular for those who prefer a more understated, modern aesthetic in their timepieces.  

    • Be More Daring with Colored Dial Watches

    A fantastic approach to using your watch to express your sense of style is with a colored dial. Pick one that complements your dress and your style. Be ready to turn heads and make a style statement with the Hugo Boss Watch men's Classic Analog Blue Dial 

    Invest in the Best Luxury Watch by Hugo Boss: 

    Investing in the best luxury Hugo watch can be brilliant for those who value quality, craftsmanship, and style in their timepieces. Luxury watches are made with the finest materials and are designed to last a lifetime. Hugo Boss Watch is crafted by expert watchmakers using traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology, resulting in functional and beautiful timepieces.  

    Hugo Boss Watch Women's Collection: 

    Hugo Boss watch for women are eloquent and come in new-age designs. The traditional touch is retained with modernity. Take a look at the elegant woman’s line of luxury timepieces from Hugo Boss- 

    • Boss Novia 

    • Boss Hera 

    • Boss Novia 

    • Boss Novia Multifunctional 

    • Boss Signature 

    Hugo Boss Watch Men's Collection:

    The curated collection of men’s Hugo Boss watches exude luxury, timeless appeal, and is a progressive collection for style individualists. The collection also exudes a refined-leisure look that blends with business attire as well as evening wear. Check out the collection for men- 

    • Boss Associate 

    • Boss Pioneer

    • Boss Pioneer 

    • Boss Champion

    • Boss Santiago  

    Styling & Features of Hugo Boss Watches:

    Hugo Boss Watch is famous for its high-end timepieces, intricate design, and superior craftsmanship. Having a long history and a reputation for quality, the Hugo watch has been passed down through generations of watchmakers. Known for their attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and commitment to advanced watchmaking techniques, the Hugo Boss watch is often associated with Luxury, Exclusivity, and Wealth. Hugo Boss Watch's price ranges roughly from INR 14000 and above.  

    The Boss watch offers several watches from the collection for you to be spoilt for choices. Presently, the new Boss line provides the most spartan and eye-catching watches for both men and ladies. Boss watches are made to be worn both for work and leisure, and you can wear them formally with a business suit or more casually with jeans. The Boss watch prices vary from model to model. Hugo watch features an athletic appearance, as the brand suggests that huge watch models are more new age. This line also features a variety of unisex watches and statement timepieces with no markings and just the reverse ‘Hugo’ emblem on the face.  

    Care and Maintenance - Hugo Boss Watches

    Your Hugo Boss Watch has been carefully crafted with an eye toward quality, use, and detail. You can thoroughly look at the directions and information below to understand your new watch's features, recommended maintenance, and operation. 

    You can consult the Service and Warranty section for more details on services and repairs. 

    • Take or ship your watch to your closest Just In Time center if it needs adjusting or repairing. 

    • Shock resistance - All our timepieces have shock-resistant movements that have undergone testing to ensure they adhere to global shock resistance requirements. 

    • Magnetism - A timepiece's ability to keep accurate time will be impacted by exposure to a high magnetic field and could even stop. When a quartz watch is removed from the magnetic field, it should start functioning accurately again. 

    • Water resistance - All Hugo Boss watches are tested for water resistance to meet international standards. Most types are 3 bar water resistant (3 ATM/ 30 meters/ 99 feet); some versions, as indicated on the dial or case-back, is water resistant to even greater pressures. 

    • Avoid dropping or bumping your watch against a hard surface. After each severe shock, the water resistance needs to be re-evaluated. 

    • ADDITIONAL CAUTION: If your watch has a screw-down crown, re-screw it into the case after each adjustment. 

    • Keep the leather strap dry. A leather watch strap may become brittle and eventually shatter after being exposed to water.  

    • Battery information - The battery in your quartz analog watch was explicitly crafted for timepieces. Under typical use, it will last between 18 and 36 months.

    You can check out the nearest Just In Time store using the store locator feature today.   

    Hugo Boss Watches Collections:

    Hugo Boss is a luxury fashion brand that offers a wide range of watch collections for both men and women. Some of the key features that can vary across different collections include are as follows. 

    • Strap: Hugo Boss watches are available with various types of straps, including leather, stainless steel, ceramic, and rubber. The choice of strap material can affect the overall style and durability of the watch.

    • Movement: Hugo Boss watches use different types of movements, including quartz, automatic, and chronograph. Quartz movement is known for its accuracy and low maintenance, while automatic movement uses the movement of the wearer's wrist to wind the watch and doesn't require a battery. Chronograph movement adds stopwatch functionality to the watch. 

    • Dials: Hugo Boss watches are available with different dials, including analog, digital, and hybrid. The dial design can affect the overall look and functionality of the watch.  

    • Case shapes: Hugo Boss watches come in a variety of case shapes, including round, square, and tonneau (barrel-shaped.) The choice of case shape can affect the overall aesthetic of the watch. 

    • Design: Hugo Boss offers a wide range of watch designs, including classic, sporty, and dressy styles. The watch's design can make it more suitable for certain occasions, such as office wear or formal events.

     In terms of suitability for different occasions, Hugo Boss has a range of watches that are suitable for different purposes. For example, the brand's dress watches are more suitable for formal events and office wear, while its sporty watches are more suitable for everyday wear or active pursuits. It's important to consider the features and style of a watch when selecting one for a particular occasion. 


    What makes Hugo Boss watches so special?

    Hugo Boss watch holds a respectable brand reputation among watchmakers. Their watches are made with a high-end finish and a genuine emphasis on their appearance. Hugo Boss watches feature exclusivity adding up to the value of the timepieces.  

    Why Should You Choose Hugo Boss Watches?

    Hugo Boss watches differ from other high-end watches for several reasons. First of all, the company is renowned for using materials and craftsmanship of the highest caliber, which lends to the durability and longevity of its watches. Second, Hugo Boss watches frequently feature a distinctive, contemporary appearance that distinguishes them from other high-end timepieces available on the market.  

    How can I buy Hugo Boss watches online? 

    If you are willing to invest in a premium Hugo Boss watch, head to India's leading retailer of International watch brands - Just In Time stores, or visit the Just In Time website for all the latest collections and designs. Since fabulous timepieces are the only way to tell the time, JUST IN TIME, India's top reseller of foreign watch brands, cares deeply about its customers who wear and value fine timepieces.  

    Who provides the best collections of Hugo Boss watches? 

    Find all your favorite Hugo Boss watches and join the rank of watch enthusiasts on the Just In Time website and stores. Just In Time makes it easier to make a statement and step up your wrist game with the best collection of Hugo Boss watches under one roof. 

    Is Hugo Boss a luxury watch? 

    Yes. Hugo Boss was founded in Germany in 1923 and is known for its stylish and well-made clothing, accessories, and fragrances. In addition to its core line of men's and women's fashion, Hugo Boss also offers several other collections, including a line of luxury watches. 

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