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  1. Discover your style statement with a perfect Watch

    Discover your style statement with a perfect Watch

    Gone are the day when watch used to be considered as Luxury. With growing technologies and more and more brands coming into market watch has become your style statement.

    Just In Time has major international brands to choose your style from. With 32 store across Maharashtra and Gujarat and 50 plus brands and over 6000 watches to choose from. Just In time is one stop destination to purchase your favorite wrist watch and wall clocks.

    Be it Swiss or Japanese, Italian or Scandinavian, Fashion watch or Luxury Watch Just In Time has it all. One can choose from Longines, Rado, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tissot, Gc , Guess, Ferrari, Seiko, Casio, Citizen, Cerruti 1881, Timex, Fossil, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Diesel, Mont Neo, Logues, Nautica and many more.

    Not only in traditional watches, but Just In Time also caters to a wide variety of Smart watches like Apple watch, Huawei,

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  2. Citizen A pioneer in watch making since 1918

    Citizen A pioneer in watch making since 1918

    Citizen has been a pioneer is watch making, has been known for making watches philosophically and technologically. A brand that is almost a century old is still continuing manufacturing affordable watches. Established in 1918 in Tokyo, Japan is one of the oldest Japanese brands sold in India. Citizen as a brand believes in “Better start Now”.

    Just like its name suggest Citizen, the company has believed to make watches more Eco friendly and ones that consumes less resources. Citizen Eco-Drive, is the best example of the company making the world and its environment a better place since last 40 years. With Citizen Eco-Drive’s revolutionary technique, the watch sources light from any Natural (Sun light) or artificial source and charges itself, thus encouraging renewable energy and re

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  3. Luxury watches Store – How Watches can Enhance your Personality!

    Luxury watches Store – How Watches can Enhance your Personality!

    Luxury watches with the advent of smartphones and smartwatches, the age-old class and sophistication of luxury watches Store have lost some of its sheen in the market.

    People now opt for luxury smartwatches so it is evident that the current generation does not understand how branded and luxury watches can enhance one’s personality.

    Although watches are no longer the fad that they were once, few guys actually understand what it is all about.

    Professional men already have less accessories to wear and without a watch, they lose out on existing ones. A nice watch can certainly render an extra dose of style, in every setting.

    The Importance of Luxury Watches

    Whether they are formal parties, weddings or corporate meetings, Luxury watches are not just time-keeping devicesbut a useful fashion accessory for men and wome

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  4. Smartwatches and Luxury Watches Make Simplify your Life 2019

    Smartwatches and Luxury Watches Make Simplify your Life 2019

    A Smartwatch today makes it easier for people to keep track of their physical and digital life while serving as a serviceable extension to the smartphone.

    Depending on the platform, one can traverse through various use cases with the Smartwatch. Luxury watch today is also offering better functionalities than before, and the benefits are obvious.

    The smartwatch is now like a mini computer, wrapped around the wrist, offering prompt notifications from the phone, with messages or emails beeping through it.

    The watch itself can track simple fitness activity, like steps and calories, and even measures sleep patterns when required.

    Smartwatches are also designed to reduce the need of smartphones on every trivial task too.

    Here are some ways by which luxury watches and smartwatches in 2019 will benefit you

    Etiquette and Impression
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  5.  Wrist Watch Online Shopping And Their Journey From a Timepiece to a Fashion Accessory

    Wrist Watch Online Shopping And Their Journey From a Timepiece to a Fashion Accessory

    Wrist Watch Online Shopping

    wrist watch Online shopping is a small timepiece that is usually worn on the left wrist by right-handed people, and on right wrist by left-handed people. With a smart little clock face and straps made of leather, links, or other material, have evolved as an accessory more than a timepiece.

    The WRIST WATCH ONLINE SHOPPING is a practical piece of jewelry one can own. But throughout history, it was more of a women’s accessory.

    Tracing the Origins of the Personal Clocks

    The first watches were known to be small personal clocks, which were ideally carried in pockets, or pinned on the attire itself. People drew the clock to check on time, with grace and fanfare.

    Though ornamental, pocket watches required the user to drop other things off to know the time, It was a bit impractical since one had to lift off the lid and close it up again after becoming aware of the current time.

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