Citizen A pioneer in watch making since 1918

Citizen has been a pioneer is watch making, has been known for making watches philosophically and technologically. A brand that is almost a century old is still continuing manufacturing affordable watches. Established in 1918 in Tokyo, Japan is one of the oldest Japanese brands sold in India. Citizen as a brand believes in “Better start Now”.

Just like its name suggest Citizen, the company has believed to make watches more Eco friendly and ones that consumes less resources. Citizen Eco-Drive, is the best example of the company making the world and its environment a better place since last 40 years. With Citizen Eco-Drive’s revolutionary technique, the watch sources light from any Natural (Sun light) or artificial source and charges itself, thus encouraging renewable energy and reducing the use of batteries.

Knowing the importance of renewable energy Citizen has made Eco-Drive available from 11,600 INR onwards.

The range of Citizen Eco-Drive is from 11,600 INR to 75000 INR and Eco-Drive Satellite from 120,000 INR to 275,000 INR. Citizen is one of the most Stylish Japanese brand with a vast variety to choose from.

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